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Our Story & What Makes Future Great!

Future Volleyball was created in 2019 by Co-Owners Nic Cook and Jacob Stone. As former club volleyball teammates they decided they wanted to start a club near their hometowns to help grow the game of volleyball in their community. In the first year  of the program they experienced huge successes placing many teams in the top 40 slot in the country and some as the best teams in Illinois! 

Practice Structure
At Future Volleyball we are firm believers that the game teaches the game. When players arrive with us in our youth programs we hone in on the fundamentals of the game while teaching them the importance of using it in a six on six situation. As they progress into our High School program we start to use drills that focus on certain skill-sets, but are played in six on six scenarios. This is a strategy used by the USA National Teams that we felt was necessary to development of our athletes.

Player Rapport
At Future, our priority is to make everybody feel like they have a home while learning the game to the best of their abilities. All of our staff is trained to listen in on what is important to every player as we know every child learns differently. We have seen great success with this model and have learned that our players are learning at a much faster pace with this in place.

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